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About Us

Asya Software LLC is providing software development, consultancy and support services for both legacy applications as well as new cloud based solutions to leading local and international companies.

What We Do

With our years of experience in software development, we offer wide range of software development services as well as consultancy and support for both new or existing cloud based or in-premises software solutions.


Software Development

Although we have been focusing on most recent technologies on web, mobile and desktop applications using AWS Cloud Services, we also continue supporting and helping our customers keep their existing systems up and running using our experience in Javascript, C#, Java, Objective-C, Swift and Delphi programming languages.


Web Applications

If you have a web application project, we can create new web applications or maintain existing ones in ASP.NET MVC Frameworks or older technologies such as Silverlight and Web Forms as well as Javascript frameworks/libraries such as React, Angular, ExtJS, jQuery and vanilla HTML/CSS and Javascript.


Mobile Apps

Whether you have a new mobile app project or only need a mobile app for your existing software, we can develop multi-platform mobile apps using React Native and Ionic frameworks as well as native Android and iOS app development using Java, Objective-C and Swift programming languages.


Desktop Applications

With our years of experience in desktop application development using Delphi and Microsoft.NET technologies, we are here to help you create new desktop application and maintain existing ones.


UI/UX Design

If you need a more user-friendly UI/UX design for your existing or new software solutions, we can help you design your user interfaces from scratch or redesign existing ones.



If you'd like to have your own development team develop and maintain your software projects, we can train your in-house development teams by sharing our experiences and best practices in software development, automated testing framework, system monitoring tools and project management.


Database Management

If you need help with database design, business reporting or performance tuning for your database systems, we can help you using our experience in both designing, scripting and managing Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySql relational database systems as well as No-SQL database systems such as MongoDB and DynamoDB.


Data Migration

We have provided consultancy services to several SAP-ISU and Oracle Utilities migration projects. With our experience in data migration, data governance and validation, we can help you migrate your valuable legacy data into your new system as fast and reliable as possible.


Technical Support

If you need help keeping your systems up and running with minimal downtime, we can help you troubleshoot and provide solutions to technical difficulties you're experiencing or take care of system monitoring and maintenance tasks for you. We support all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Unix and Linux as well as major cloud service providers Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.


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